Damien Cassou

I am an associate professor in computer science mainly interested in programming languages and software engineering.

Current position

I am a currently working as associate professor (maître de conférences) at the University of Lille 1, France, and a member of the RMod research group (Inria, LIFL), led by Stéphane Ducasse.

Scientific Interests

My main scientific interests and some related publications:

Ph.D. Thesis

Développement logiciel orienté paradigme de conception :
la programmation dirigée par la spécification

Charles Consel, head of the Phoenix research group, Inria Bordeaux
Thursday, March 17th 2011
Software Architecture, Domain-Specific Language, Generative Programming, Architectural Conformance

I was a Ph.D. student supervised by Charles Consel. My thesis was about bringing general-purpose programming tools to dedicated domains. To do that I designed a domain-specific architecture description language whose compiler produces dedicated programming frameworks. An instance of this approach is DiaSpec, a language for describing Sense-Compute-Control systems.

I was one of the main developers of DiaSuite, a suite of tools comprising DiaSpec.

You can have a look at my Ph.D. thesis (in French) and my slides (also available in pdf).


My publications are kindly hosted by the Software Composition Group in Bern, Switzerland. You may also want to refer to Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search, or DBLP.

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